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Just to clarify, GraalSP is officially deployed since June 2023 :-)

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Thanks, missed that detail, I thought that you are covering new stuff in whitepaper and missed it mentions June 2023 NOT 2024 😀

Will update later today in this edition and clarify next week 😀

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1. According to Google Translate, the first paragraph under the Hibernate section is:

"And since Quarkus has so many new features regarding databases, it is also worth taking a look at Hibernate 6.5, which, among other things, introduces improvements in the handling of Java Time objects in accordance with the JDBC 4.2 specification. Previously, Hibernate managed Java Time objects using intermediate forms of java.sql.Date, java.sql.Time, or java.sql.Timestamp, and the new update allows you to directly pass objects such as OffsetDateTime, OffsetTime, and ZonedDateTime, which contain clearly defined zone information time. This change replaces legacy methods where timezone information was not preserved due to limitations of java.sql variants."

Now you know.

2. Those adoption stats for the JDK versions are consistent with my (admittedly anecdotal) experience. JDK 17 is gaining at the expense of JDK 11.

3. Bouncy Castle is probably the most useful library with the silliest name ever. I respect that.

4. I'm glad you can use records as composite keys. Now if you could only use them as entities...

Great job as always :)

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Thanks Ken - I've corrected that paragraph!

BTW: In a patriotic act, I also maintain the Polish version :D https://vived.io/pl/java-w-2024-ostatnie-szlify-przed-kotlin-2-0-i-nowy-ml-based-statyczny-profiler-dla-graalvm-jvm-weekly-vol-173/

It has a bit more issues :D

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